Dancing With the Stars of Florence: Meet Celebrity Robert Watkins

What is your previous dance experience?

I did a lot of dancing in college with friends and classmates from 2004 to 2008.


Do you have a go-to move, at wedding, parties, etc.?

Popping or locking has always been the go-to move for me. It all depends on the song, though.


How was the first practice? Was it easier or harder than you expected?

The first practice was good.  It was actually harder. Most of the dancing I did in the past was free- style.  I never had to count steps, but I caught on quick.


Best piece of advice your partner has given you so far?

Show off your talent, show your strengths and what you’re good at.


Why were you interested in taking part in Dancing with the Stars of Florence?

I always thought how fun it would be to be on stage. Last year, my boss did it and I knew automatically I wanted to the next year. 


How does it feel to be the ‘celebrity’ in your pairing?

Not too bad. I’m usually on the other side.


What is your job title and what are your day-to-day responsibilities?


Formation area manager. I recently was promoted to this position and moved from Kansas City, Missouri. My background is in engineering, so this is my first role that is more about managing people and production.

As an area manager for a battery manufacturing facilitymy main focus is supplying a quality product to our customers in the safest way possible.  My day-to-day task is managing production in my formation area, which includes giving direction to my four salary supervisors and also providing assistance to my 70 hourly employees on anything they need help with. This can range from simple tasks such as purchasing supplies for my team or can also be leading projects to resolve quality or productivity issues.

Robert Watkins and his partner Drew Arnold will be performing to Usher’sCaught Up.

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