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The School Foundation is seeking grants for innovative and high-impact programs that will benefit students in Florence 1 Schools.  $163,173.53 is available for grants this cycle.  Please reference our 2023-2024 General Grant application guideline and complete the grant application to submit a grant.  All grant applications are due by April 20, 2023.

To date, the foundation has awarded $1,970,572.78 in grants to F1S. 

Please click on grant name below to read additional information on our 2022-2023 grants.

2022-2023 Grants

Taking F1S Arts Magnet to the Next Level

Southside Middle and South Florence High schools were awarded $36,700 for their grant which will fund two key additions to their curricular arts programs: musical instrument and vocal lessons, clinician/conductors for secondary CPA (Choral Performance Assessments) pre-festivals at all F1S high schools and feeder middle schools.

F1S Achievers Program

West Florence High was awarded $10,000 for its grant that will give a cohort of 60 academically gifted low-income students the ability to take unique advanced classes each of their four high school years.

Wilson High Outdoor Classroom

Wilson High School was awarded $12,300 for its grant that will create a place for classes to gather and engage in lessons in the natural environment.

The Bruin's Innovation Lab - A Gamechanger for the Next Generation

South Florence High School was awarded $41,000 for its grant, which envisions a collaborative learning environment to foster student creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Riding, Rhythm, and Recess - An inclusive tricycle path

RN Beck Childhood Development Center was awarded $20,000 for its grant which will provide a tricycle track that will offer their students an opportunity to socialize while improving balance and eye-hand coordination required for academic work.

Fine Motor "FUN"damentals

Briggs, Dewey L. Carter, Carver and Savannah Grove Elementary schools were awarded $10,000 for their grant that will assist with reversing fine motor delays in their kindergarten students that have been ampified by school and preschool closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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