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The School Foundation seeks grant requests that align with the four areas of focus identified by Florence 1 Schools (F1S):  Literacy, Math, Early Childhood, STEM, Arts or Technology.  In March 2021, the foundation awarded $46,128.48 in pandemic grants for the current school year.  In June 2021, the foundation awarded $50,000 to F1S to implement the Bloomberg Market Concepts courses in two high schools. 

To date, the foundation has awarded $1,840,572.78 in grants to F1S. 


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Pandemic Grants

Leading the Way back from Covid!

Briggs Elementary was awarded $5,000 for their "Leading the Way back from Covid!" grant that addresses the learning loss Briggs students may experience during this time of turmoil by focusing on culture and academics.

STEAM-Tastic Learning at Carver

Carver Elementary was awarded $3,956.54 for their "STEAM-Tastic Learning at Carver" grant designed to integrate STEM in all aspects of the Carver curriculum.

Forming Math Foundations

Delmae Elementary was awarded $5,000 for their "Forming Math Foundations" grant that will provide early math intervention as well as strategies for struggling students in all grade levels to support and solidify student learning.

Terrific Tuesday Kits and Let's Go, OSMO

Dewey L. Carter Elementary was awarded $5,000 for their "Terrific Tuesday Kits" and "Let's Go, OSMO" grants.  "Terrific Tuesday Kits" will provide weekly activities, supplies, instructions, and rewards, allowing the students the opportunity to practice their learning and basic skills at home while increasing their academic achievement in the classroom.  Their "Let's Go, OSMO" grant is designed to allow access to hands-on activities along with technology in order to reinforce core skills in reading and math in our digital world.

Gearing UP for Guided Reading (Virtually!)

Greenwood Elementary was awarded $4,900.59 for their "Gearing UP for Guided Reading (Virtually!)" grant that provides leveled texts and materials that are appropriate for their virtual platform teachers to continue to provide small group guided reading instruction with their students.

Hydroponics in the Classroom

Lester Elementary was awarded $3,150 for their "Hydroponics in the Classroom" grant which will create a school wide STEM project that allows students to acquire real-world science skills, career skills and basic life skills while also supporting core academic subject areas.

Read Across McLaurin - School Wide Read Aloud

McLaurin Elementary was awarded $4,222.44 for their "Read Across McLaurin - School Wide Read Aloud" grant, a school wide read aloud project targeting literary skills such as oral comprehension, character analysis, understanding plot and storyline, vocabulary development, and other literacy skills.

Exposure, Exploration, Experience

John W. Moore Intermediate was awarded $4,998.35 for their "Exposure, Exploration, Experience" grant intended to promote student initiated learning through a construction based and hands-on learning environment.

Literacy Cannot Wait: Building Home Libraries

North Vista Elementary was awarded $4,992.28 for their "Literacy Cannot Wait: Building Home Libraries" grant designed to improve reading levels and build home libraries.

Falcons Soar in ALL Things

Southside Middle School was awarded $4,908.28 for their "Falcons Soar in ALL Things" grant that provides incentives to face-to-face and virtual students for showing growth in the classroom as well as on standardized and district tests. 

Bloomberg Market Concepts

The foundation awarded $50,000 to Florence 1 Schools in June 2021 to pay for equipment and a one year subscription to the Bloomberg Market Concepts courses and access to Business Week Case Studies to be available in the labs at two of the high schools.  The basic lab will include four Bloomberg Terminals that will be housed in the school library or computer lab to provide access for all students. 

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