How does it work?

StartSMART will send a certified early childhood teacher to your business to distribute books to the parents/guardians of 1, 2 and 3 year old children. The teacher will share the book, give tips for effective reading aloud and distribute a take-home "reading tips" sheet. Parents will be encouraged to ask questions.

What do I do?

  • Have employees with 1, 2 and 3 year old children complete a StartSMART Readiness Application.
  • Provide a location and convenient time when parents can meet with a reading teacher individually or in small groups of no more than 5.
  • Sessions are 5 – 10 minutes based upon your employees' questions.
  • Eight books will be distributed each year.
  • To begin the process contact Debbie Hyler at The School Foundation (843) 662-9996 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Things you can do to help your child from birth to age four become a reader:

  1. When you change their diaper – Explain what you are doing. Be sure to take time and change their diaper at a pace that is good for your child. Work slowly. For example say, "First, I am going to take off your dirty diaper. Now we have to get a wipe and get you cleaned up. Do you want to hold the wipe? That's cold isn't it? Now that you are cleaned up, I am going to put on a clean diaper. There we go, you are all cleaned up."
  2. When you give your child a bottle or breastfeed them – describe to them what is happening. Take your time and be patient. Do not rush their meal. For example, look into your baby's eyes and say, "Do you want some milk? My, you look hungry. You are really drinking fast today. Be careful, don't go too fast. Mmmm, that is good isn't it?" Stop talking and just look into your baby's eyes and smile. Next say, "There, you are all finished now. You must feel much better now that you have eaten."
  3. Take time to look at a book with your child. Just look at the pictures and talk about them. Look for a picture that really makes your child smile. Each time you read the book, be sure to pause at that page or say, "Here comes your favorite part." Talk about the book later when you are not reading it. Ask your child if he would like to read the book even before you find it to read.
  4. When your child is about two, you can begin to tell stories similar to those in the books you read and use their name in the story. They get so excited about this. I remember a little girl that just loved to hear Little Red Riding Hood with her name replacing that of Little Red. With a book like Goodnight Moon, you can take your child into their bedroom and find some objects to say good night to. For instance, "Good Night quilt".
  5. When your child is a little older, let them pick out their favorite book for you to read to him or her.
  6. Look at the pictures in the book and let your child tell you the story.
  7. Before you turn the page say, "What is going to happen next?"
  8. Never force your child to read or listen to a book – ALWAYS make it a fun time to be together.
  9. Bedtime is a good time to read to your child. They like the chance to stay awake just a little longer.
  10. Ask questions about the book. For instance, "What did the bunny do?"

    Start2Read Book List 2017 - 2018

    Click on each book below for tips on how to read the story to your child.

     ABCresized   Shapes   Countwithme    ILoveYou   MyveryfirstBookofWords


    Llama    Giraffes   Motion


    Start2Read Book Donors:

    Courtney Cribb
    Dilmar Oil
    Dr. Paul DeMarco
    Randy Koon
    Senator and Mrs. Hugh Leatherman
    Lorna McBride
    Jeanne McGowan
    Carroll Player, DDS
    Toledo Carolina, Inc.
    David and Pattie White
    Florence Innkeepers Association
    Florence Rotary Club

    Start2Read Honorary Book Donors:

    Fred DuBard in honor of Jessie and Trip DuBard
    Trip DuBard in honor of Debbie Hyler and Dr. Tammy Pawloski