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Floyd SamFryer BrianDenny
Dr. Floyd Creech
Early Childhood Coordinator – FSD1
Sam Fryer
Behavior Specialist - Greenwood Elementary School
Brian Denny
Program for Exceptional Children – FSD
CharlesJordan Karen M. Long  
Charles M. Jordan, M.D.
Retired Pediatrician
Karen M. Long, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Speech Therapy Coordinator - FSD1
  • Childcare provider curriculum

    Wednesday, 21 May 2014, Dr. Floyd Creech


    What type of curriculum would you recommend for a childcare provider working with children age 2 - 5?  Please suggest something that could be implemented within a reasonable cost bracket.  Thanks so much.


    One of the easiest and cheapest curriculum models to implement in child care centers is The Creative Curriculum.  We will be glad to share resources with you to assist your efforts.  Please call and make an appointment.

    Office of School Readiness:  843-673-1129

  • Speech problems?

    Tuesday, 12 November 2013, Karen M. Long, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


    Dylan is 2 years old.  His speech is my concern.  I can understand some of the things that he says, about half of it.  I am questioning how much we should be able to understand at this time.  I wonder if he may need some speech therapy.  He tries to talk a lot but the words are not clear.  He will make you understand him with his motions.  He will take you by the hand and show you if you don't understand.  He can say no; stop; mama; daddy; yeye (what he calls his grandmother) clearly.  He will attempt to repeat anything that you say. 


    The American Speech Language Hearing Associations' website for parents to access (www.ASHA.org) has developmental speech, language, hearing, and bilingual preschool information for parents or teachers.  The Child Find screening at Florence School District One is open to any child in the FSD1 district, in private school of any age, or preschool starting around 2 years, 10 months.  The screening consists of hearing, vision, speech, language, cognitive and motor activities by FSD1 nurses, speech language pathologists, and preschool teachers.  If the screening shows any concerns, then the child is referred for an evaluation by the appropriate school personnel depending on what the screening showed (educational, psychologist, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, and/or physical therapist).  Lisa Hall (673-1163) schedules the appointments for the Child Find screenings.  They are usually the third Friday of the month, 8:00am - 12:00pm at Poynor.  

  • Signing Up for Preschool

    Sunday, 25 August 2013, Dr. Floyd Creech


    How do I sign my child up for preschool?


    FSD1's official website houses much of the information about preschool in Florence County.

    If you're interested in signing your child up for 4K, click here for more information. For information about 5K, click here.

    Also check out Start SMART's Preschool Readiness Application.

  • Screening for Young Children

    Sunday, 25 August 2013, Dr. Floyd Creech


    How can I have my child screened for potential developmental issues (physcial, cognitive, social, and language and speech)?


    FSD1 offers free development screenings for three-year olds. Contact Brian Denny, the Director of FSD1's Programs for Exceptional Children, for more information on child screenings. 

    Also visit FSD1's website to learn more about IEPs (Individual Education Programs) and how they can benefit your child.