Early childhood is the best time to plant seeds 
for growing a good life.

Together, Florence 1 Schools and The School Foundation launched a Count 5! Public Awareness Campaign to encourage parents and caregivers to plant daily seeds of sleep, movement, nutrition, routine, and love.

Inspired by international early childhood expert and featured speaker at the district’s 2018 Early Childhood Champions Summit, Helle Heckmann, the district is embracing what Heckmann calls the Five Golden Keys.

“As our children grow into life, it’s up to us to create the security they need to embrace the world,” Heckmann says. “It’s essential for children to have five, simple, core needs met in order to create their own tempos.”

The Count 5! Campaign ran from September 2018 – February 2019, with a culminating celebration in March 2019. Posters, fliers, and other materials featuring tips and activities were distributed throughout Florence County.

“We’re challenging parents and caregivers to invest in the future of Florence by investing in our youngest children,” says Dr. Floyd Creech, Director of Early Childhood Education at Florence 1 Schools.

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