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Education doesn't just begin when a child reaches kindergarten-- it begins at birth.

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Over the years The School Foundation has prided itself on supporting and contributing to FSD1's K-12 teachers and students. With the creation of the StartSMART program, we've added a brand new goal-- assisting parents in preparing their children for kindergarten.

 We've developed a wealth of resources designed to give parents the information they need to chart their child's development, including:

  • Interactive quizzes to help parents gauge their child's current developmental progress
  • "Ask an Expert" articles where parents can seek advice from pediatricians and child development psychologists
  • Detailed year-by-year development breakdowns to help parents set goals and identify milestones as they are reached
  • Videos, links, and articles to assist parents with a variety of tasks including everything from choosing a school/daycare to selecting age-appropriate toys to aid in development.
  • Answers to specific questions regarding preschool can be obtained by calling the Office of School Readiness at (843) 673-1129.

There are multiple ways to get involved with Start SMART and we encourage every business, individual, and parent to lend a hand to ensure that our community's future scholars build strong foundations for their educational paths.

StartSMART Advisory Council Spotlight

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If your organization provides direct services for children ages birth to four years and is interested in joining the StartSMART Advisory Council, please contact Debbie Hyler, Executive Director, The School Foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (843) 662-9996. 



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